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Embedded Reasoning Institute

Page • Welcome to the Embedded Reasoning Institute. ERI is a research facility in Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA. We explore innovative approaches to intelligent embedded processing, as it applied to pervasive devices.

Employment Opportunities

Page • ERI welcomes interested parties and individuals to join us in the different programs that ERI has to offer. Interested parties and individuals, please contact Nina Berry

ERI Presentations

Page • ERI actively seeks collaboration opportunities with interested institutions and researchers. This is why we participate in a variety of difference conferences and exhibitions to share our research and development with the world.

ERI Projects

Page • The ERI Core Technology research areas include the following: AI ResearchFramework/InfrastructureEmbedded SystemsSmart SensorsWireless TechnologiesAugmented Cognition

Four Node Linux Commodity Minicluster

Post, July 22, 2021 • by Mitch Williams A small Linux cluster for portability. Useful for demonstrations, tutorials and roadshows. 4x Advanced Digital Logic Pentium MMX 266Mhz  processors 10baseT private networkexternal PCMCIA for wireless connection to the outside worldquad KVM switch for local diagnosticsdimensions: 5.3"x5.3"x13"can be built by hand for ~ USD $6700 or integrated by Parvus Corp. for  an...

Minicluster Parts List

Page • The following parts may be obtained from Parvus Corporation (800) 483-3152 QuantityPart NumberDescriptionUnit PriceAmount QuantityPart Number2PRV-0752A-02PC/104 10 Mbit Ethernet Hub169338.001PRV-0886A-01PC/104 Quad CPU Switch259259.001PRV-1016X-03PC/104 Dual PCMCIA Interface, Left Loading199199.001N/A50 Watt Power Supply140140.001PRV-0974A-01PC/104 Power Interface w/ Temperature Sensing249249.001PRV-0912A-54Mounting Plate6050.006PRV-0912A-10SnapGap set1060.007PRV-0912A-01SnapSlot1070.003PRV-0912A-02SnapGuide1030.001PRV-0912A-20SnapMount1010.001PRV-0912A-50End Plate1515.001N/ACustom 5X5 Clear Enclosure425425.00  The following Parts may be obtained from Advanced Digital...

News & Events

Page • PC/104 Linux Minicluster mini-HowTo After many inquiries at the SC01 meeting, I have decided to create a short HOWTO so that others can do us one better.  Here is a mini-HOWTO giving generalized parts and construction information for our cluster.

PC/104 Linux Minicluster – miniHowTo

Page • What Is PC/104? PC/104 (IEEE P996.1) was developed to fill the need for an embedded platform, which was compliant with standardized hardware and software of the PC architecture. Mechanically quite different from the PC form factor, PC/104 modules are 3.6 X 3.8 inches in size. A self-stacking bus is implemented...

What does ERI do?

Page • Vision Develop a lab-wide capability to support research initiatives exploring distributed embedded wireless sensor technology. Mission The ERI is a new research initiative for SNL in the area of intelligent wireless pervasive devices (i.e., smart sensors, compact single board and wearable computers, and wireless technologies). The ERI will explore and...