What does ERI do?


Develop a lab-wide capability to support research initiatives exploring distributed embedded wireless sensor technology.


The ERI is a new research initiative for SNL in the area of intelligent wireless pervasive devices (i.e., smart sensors, compact single board and wearable computers, and wireless technologies). The ERI will explore and incorporate technologies from the areas of distributed /wireless sensors, adaptive/ad hoc wireless networks, and the flexible software/hardware infrastructures needed to support these diverse areas. ERI will support this initiative by creating and maintaining technologies to support the hardware/software requirements of the current/future DP and emerging threat projects. Over FY02 ERI envisions the creation of the phase-1 hardware and software platforms to support wireless communication between the 3 hardware layers consisting of base stations (PCs), pervasive devices, and a select group of wireless sensors.

ERI Scope & Structure

The ERI is structured to enhance collaboration and integration of core technology to assist in the generation of the ERI hardware/software technology base. The umbrella-like structure of the ERI bridges across several centers and consists of the following components:

Core Team

I Core Team is the beef of ERI. Core Team members do extensive research and plan the developments according to the results of their research. Core Team meets frequently to exchange ideas and discuss future developments. They also interface closely with other branches of ERI to aid in research and development. The ERI Core Team consists of:

Nina Berry8920Project Lead; Software
Ron Kyker8411Hardware/Embedded Systems
Noel Nachtigal8915Hardware/Software Integrator; Ad Hoc Networking
Donna Djordjevich8910Software
ERI Student Program

ERI Student Program consists of students from all over the country. The Student Program establish an incubator for research collaboration with upper-division and graduate students associated with the core technology research areas.

Core Technology Research Areas

  • AI Research
  • Framework/Infrastructure
  • Embedded Systems
  • Smart Sensors
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Augmented Cognition