Minicluster Parts List

The following parts may be obtained from Parvus Corporation (800) 483-3152

QuantityPart NumberDescriptionUnit PriceAmount 
QuantityPart Number
2PRV-0752A-02PC/104 10 Mbit Ethernet Hub169338.00
1PRV-0886A-01PC/104 Quad CPU Switch259259.00
1PRV-1016X-03PC/104 Dual PCMCIA Interface, Left Loading199199.00
1N/A50 Watt Power Supply140140.00
1PRV-0974A-01PC/104 Power Interface w/ Temperature Sensing249249.00
1PRV-0912A-54Mounting Plate6050.00
6PRV-0912A-10SnapGap set1060.00
1PRV-0912A-50End Plate1515.00
1N/ACustom 5X5 Clear Enclosure425425.00

 The following Parts may be obtained from Advanced Digital Logic, Inc. (858) 490-0597

QuantityPart NumberDescriptionUnit PriceAmount 
4801562PC104plus Pentium 266 MHZ CPU6422568.00
4990725128 MB SO-DIMM S-DRAM58232.00
4807005Opt. –P+ Option: PC/104plus short connector27108.00
4807008Opt. –CF Compact Flash Socket modified for type II27108.00
1802605MSM-CK Cable Kit to PC/1046767.00